Flexispy Equipped Blackberry Mobile Phones for the Holiday Season

Flexispy Equipped Blackberry Mobile Phones

With the new release of Flexispy Blackberry Pro-x, Blackberries will never be the same again
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December 8, 2009 – With the new release of Flexispy Blackberry Pro-x, Blackberries will never be the same again. Flexispy, the leader in mobile surveillance anticipates record sales for Christmas 2009 and experiencing growth do to increased sales in the smart phone sector. Flexispy Pro-x leads the spy phone market with the most powerful features available. Flexispy equipped Blackberry Mobile Phones for the holiday season are one of the hottest items for Christmas this year.

Flexispy makes mobile spy software for a variety of mobile phone platforms including those for Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia Symbian, Windows Mobile and Google Android mobile operating systems. With coverage of virtually all smart phone platforms Flexispy has been the market leader in implementation and design of mobile spy software. Flexispy Equipped Blackberry Mobile Phones for the Holiday Season will be on the wish list of many for the holiday season.
Flexispy technology enables Blackberry target phones to be tracked by GPS to any location where a GPS signal is available. Apart from this feature, Flexispy Blackberry Pro-X also enables the monitor to listen in on live calls as they occur. This unique feature is adequately named ‘Call Intercept’.

Flexispy Pro-X features ‘Spy Call’. This function allows the monitor to turn on the phone’s microphone remotely and allows the monitor to listen to the target’s surrounding environment to audibly inspect the current situation of the target phone.

With a constantly evolving research and development program cracking the newest technologies and keeping Flexispy the market leader and Pioneer in the mobile surveillance sector, Flexispy is ready to provide the products needed for the Christmas season.

About Flexispy:
Flexispy is a wireless software maker with main markets in the mobile software sector. The main product is known as Flexispy and is conceived by the parent company Vervata.

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