Santa Claus is Spying on Your Mobile Phone

Spying on Mobile Phones for XMass

Santa Claus isn’t the only one that knows if you’ve been naughty or nice. Smartphones equipped with mobile spyware may be smarter than you think.

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What’s mobile spyware you ask? The cream of the crop by Flexispy secretly lets you listen in on live mobile phone calls, intercept text messages and even has the ability to bug a room. If that’s not enough, Flexispy can also track Santa’s sleigh by using industry leading GPS tracking functions, so you’ll know the exact moment he slides down your chimney.

With mobile spyware available for Blackberry and iPhone as well as Nokia Symbian and Windows Mobile operating systems, there’s a pretty good chance that Santa Claus is spying on your mobile phone.

Accessible from anywhere on Earth, all of Flexispy’s products include a secure web account with all call activity documented in case Santa needs to see if you’ve been good or bad. If you think Santa Claus is spying on your mobile phone, he can even deactivate Flexispy by using remote commands to make a smooth getaway back to the North Pole.

Knowing if you’ve been naughty or nice isn’t just Santa’s job these days. Now anyone with a Flexispy Pro-X enabled Smartphone can play detective like the big red guy. Or if you’re just an elf like me and don’t need as much magic dust, Flexispy Light will suffice.

Smartphone sales during the 2009 Christmas season will be one of the highest on record. In conjunction with applications designed for these Smartphones, mobile spyware from vendors such as Flexispy will be on the list of some very curious shoppers.

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